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The Latinarrific Intelligence Lab creates and delivers an actionable platform for corporate leaders to network with the rapidly expanding US Latina market, in and out of your organization. Our proprietary research opens doors to informed communication and contributes actionable intelligence to corporate leadership.   

How can we help you?

Internally, our partnership with NHCC corporate members, connects managers with detailed intelligence and informed guidance to more effectively attract, promote and retain talented Latinas in your workplace. Latinarrific recognizes that peak performance has a direct correlation with recognition and professional appreciation of differences. Latinarrific can and will define and delineate as guidance for corporate leaders.    
Externally, we bring intelligence and insights to your brand marketing, in order for you to successfully engage with a rapidly expanding consumer segment – over 1.9T worth of buying power.




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The Latinarrific Intelligence Lab, established for the purpose of designing, conducting and disseminating research about American Latinas; propose a collaboration to identify and assess the lessons from “The Great Transformation” for company networks; including Latina executives and employees; brands, products and their marketing.

Define and develop Latina-focused research parameters to incorporate:

  • How have Latina executives and employees evolved to working remotely?
  • What can corporate industries do to motivate and retain their Latina workforce during “The Great Transformation” phase?
  • How can it impact the organization - short term and long term?
  • How can Latinas create working networks, seek new project opportunities, communicate with management, and source mentors and sponsors while working at home?
  • Participation and feedback in the writing of the research report. The final paper will be a collaborative effort.
  • Identification of marketing opportunities for the research.


Contact: Mary Mathis, CEO, Latinarrific:


Latinas across Corporate America shared their stories, experiences, and insights for this groundbreaking research, conducted by the Network of Executive Women (NEW) and Latinarrific.
Our world is changing, and so is the way to identify Latina leaders. Now is your time to adapt and prepare for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.